Compare Users

Ever wonder how you stack up against a competitor on Twitter? Now you can find out with Followerwonk!

Comparing Influence

To get started, head over to the “Compare Users” tab on Followerwonk and type in the 3 Twitter handles you’d like to compare. From there, just choose the type of comparison you’d like to run and click on the “Do it” button.

When the results load, you’ll see a Venn diagram that gives you a quick visual on where the different accounts overlap with users they follow or users that follow them. Next to the diagram is a breakdown of several different follow/follower metrics for each account. The data you see here tend to be no more than about 8 hours old, so it's pretty fresh. FYI, profile data is updated less frequently and it can be up to a month old.

Below the diagram, you’ll find high-level details on each account, along with an indicator of whether the accounts follow each other. The metrics include Social Authority and total followers. Scroll down a bit more and you’ll see some comparisons of engagement rate, the average number of followers gained per day, total tweets, and the average number of tweets per day.

Now go check out how you stack up against your friends!