Search Bios

Ever wanted to search for people on Twitter based on what they have in their bios or profiles? Now you can with Followerwonk!

Searching the Twittersphere

Searching for your Twitter peeps is easy with Followerwonk. The first thing you need to do is head on over to the “Search Bios” tab of Followerwonk. Once there, you can run a simple search through Twitter profiles or just Twitter bios.

When the search is done you'll be presented with a list you can sort by tweets, following count, follower count, account age, and Social Authority. By default, your results will be sorted by follower count. Want to filter your results? You can do that, too! No filter is applied by default, but you can filter many different ways.
  • Followers - Show your followers.
  • Following - Show users you follow.
  • Followers Only - Show followers that you don’t follow back.
  • Following Only - Show users you follow that don’t follow you back.
  • Reciprocal - Show users that follow you and that you follow back.
  • Any Relationship - Show users that have any relationship with you.
  • No Relationship - Show users that don’t have a relationship with you — you don't follow them and they don't follow you.

If you’re a subscriber, you can follow or unfollow users directly from Followerwonk. No need to log into Twitter separately! Export the data for review later or share the results on Twitter.

If you want to fine-tune your search a bit more, click on the “more options” link under the search bar. From there you’ll be able to enter a location, name, or URL. You can also search by follower, following, and tweet counts. Click on the “See example” links next to these for formatting options. The important thing to remember here would be to separate each search term with a pipe ( | ). If there are multiple words in the query, just enclose it in parentheses. For example:

  • william|bill|billy|will — Search for "william" and "bill" and "billy" and "will."
  • nytimes|wsj — Search for "nytimes" and "wsj."
  • (new york)|nyc|brooklyn|(the bronx) — Search for "new york" and "nyc" and "brooklyn" and "the bronx."

Now have some fun searching the Twitters!