How do I use Compare Users to find influential accounts to follow?

Compare Users can help you find the overlap between any 2 or 3 Twitter accounts, which can help you figure out who you should be following if you’re not already.

To get started, just pop in the Twitter accounts you’d like to compare. (The accounts you compare will need to have a combined social graph of fewer than 1 million followers — just a limitation of the tools as they exist today. If you’re a free user, their combined social graph will need to be fewer than 150,000 followers) If you’re trying to find new accounts for you to follow, make sure that one of the accounts you’re comparing is your own. Then, select whether you’d like to compare followers or accounts that these accounts themselves follow, and click “Do it.”

Not sure who to compare? Start with Search Bios to find influencers in your field!

Let’s take Followerwonk as our example. I’ll compare followers of @followerwonk, @simplymeasured, another influencer in the industry, and @buzzsumo, another big player. The idea here is that we’ll find the overlap in followers between these 3 accounts. We’ll be able to see whether these three accounts have any relationship to one another, and we’ll also be able to see just who’s in each of those overlapping sections of the Venn diagram.

For example, who is @simplymeasured and @buzzsumo following that @followerwonk is not? There could be opportunity for us there! Click into “Followers only of @simplymeasured and @buzzsumo” to be taken to a list of all of the followers they have in common that Followerwonk is not following.

Then, if you’re a subscriber, you can follow or unfollow those accounts right from the app, no need to log into Twitter!

From there, you can sort the columns by whichever metrics are most important to you: Social Authority, number of tweets, number of followers, etc. You can keep comparing your account with your competitors or your colleagues to mine their follower list for nuggets of gold!