How do I use the Advanced Filters in Search Bios?

When you first head to the Search Bios tab, there are no filters set by default — the tools will search Twitter profiles (or just Bios) for the terms you enter. But it’s possible to use the filters hidden under “more options” to fine-tune your search and get even more targeted results. Let’s take a look.

Want to find influencers in a given field? Let’s use the world of Twitter analytics as an example. I type in “Twitter Analytics” in the search bar, and then expand the “more options” link to see the advanced filters. Since I’m looking for real movers and shakers in the industry, I’m going to set a minimum follower count — maybe 15k followers is a big enough fish for me to decide to follow them. I set my minimum follower count to 15,000, and press “Do it.”

The result I get is a list of Twitter users with over 15,000 followers who have “Twitter Analytics” somewhere in their Twitter profile. The list is sorted automatically by number of followers, but maybe I’d rather see them ranked by Social Authority instead. Just click on the column header to re-sort the data.

But we can go deeper. Let’s say you’re headed to a conference in Washington, D.C. soon, and you’d like to connect with some folks in the industry in that area before you get there. To the filters!

This time, I’ll modify my search by location. I’ll enter “Twitter Analytics” in the search bar, and then instead of a minimum follower count of 15k, I’ll use the Location filter instead. In the location field, I’ll enter “Washington ("D C" | DC | “District of Columbia")”. That’s going to search for profiles with “Washington” and “D.C.” or “DC” or “District of Columbia.” I’ve separated my terms with pipes (|), and for terms that contain multiple words, enclosed the terms in quotation marks, and I’ve used parentheses to separate out my “or” terms from my “and” terms. Voila! I have a list of Twitter Analytics folks in the DC area, sorted by those with the most followers first.

You can use the advanced filters hidden under “more options” anytime you need to narrow down your search to a specific area, number of followers or number of accounts they’re following, folks with a certain threshold of tweets, and even folks going by the same name. Now’s your chance to go out and explore Twitter profiles and bios!

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