Search Operators in Search Bios

Wondering just how to pare down your searches to find just the groups you’re looking for in Search Bios? You’ll want to use the Advanced Filters options! To do that, you need to know just a little bit about search operators. Below you’ll find the search operators we support, and what they mean, with examples.

To get started, we need a brief intro to word order precedence. The default search operator is “And” — a space between search terms means “find profiles with [term a] AND [term b].” So, if you were searching for “pet dog,” you would be searching for any profiles with pet and dog somewhere in the profile. “And” operators have the highest search precedence, meaning that any other search operators you use are modifying this “And” search. Keeping that in mind, here are some search operators, examples, and how they’ll affect the data you get back.

Phrase Match - Quotation Marks (“search term”)

This will search for the search terms you’re enclosing in quotation marks in that order, perfect for multiple-word keywords and phrases. Some words, like “to,” “of,” “at,” etc. will be removed, so it’s not an exact match search — you’re basically searching for the search terms you entered in the order that you entered them.

Ex: “Washington DC” — this will search for profiles that say “Washington AND DC,” in that order, in the profile.

Group Terms by Precedence - Parentheses (“(search term)”)

This will group the keywords you’re searching for by precedence, so that multiple search terms can be organized.

Ex: United States (Washington DC) — this will search for profiles with “United States” and “Washington DC” in the profile.

Or - Pipe Symbol ( | )

This will search for profiles with any of the terms you separate with this symbol.

Ex: (Washington DC)|nyc|(New York City) — this search will look for any profiles with “Washington DC” OR “NYC” OR “New York City” in the profile.

The OR operator can do some pretty nifty stuff, especially when combined with parentheses. Say you were searching for profiles with “pet dog” or “pet cat” in them. To do that in one quick search, you’d just need to use the search term: “Pet (dog | cat)” — that will look for any profile with the word “pet” followed by either “dog” OR “cat.” Following this logic, you could also look for “Washington (DC | D.C.)” and you’d get results for profiles with “Washington AND “DC” OR “D.C.”!

Not - Minus Sign ( - )

This will search for the phrase you’re looking for, minus any results you want to exclude.

Ex: ““District of Columbia” -Washington” — this search will find results for profiles with “District of Columbia” but NOT “Washington” in the profile. 

You can play around with different combinations of these operators to fine-tune your searches and get just the results you’re looking for! Happy searching!