I'm a Moz user. How do I log in?

Followerwonk was formerly a Moz product and accessible to users logged in at Moz.

Followerwonk is a separate product now and requires a separate login. You can read more about that change on the Moz Blog.


If you are a Moz user with a Followerwonk subscription, you can log in using the same email address and password you use for Moz on Followerwonk's login page.

Free account users

If you are a Moz user with a Free Followerwonk account, you can log in with Twitter from Followerwonk's login page. Or, if you created an optional email and password login, you can use that.

Does that mean Followerwonk knows my Moz password?

No. See "How does Followerwonk store my password?" for details on how you can log in with your Moz password without Followerwonk actually knowing what that password is.

Change your password

Although your Followerwonk login initially has the same password as your Moz login, you should change it. It is always best to have a different password for every site. You can change your password on Followerwonk's Account Settings page.