Frequently Asked Questions

How is Social Authority calculated?

Social Authority is an amalgamation of follower count, tweets, the age of the account, and influence of followers. This is a proprietary metric of Followerwonk that is much like a Klout score. Read more about it in  Moz's blog post where it was announced.

What's the difference between an @mention and an @contact?

This one's a bit confusing, but let's give it a go.
An @contact tweet is any tweet that begins with @username, while a [email protected] tweet is basically any tweet that doesn't begin with @username.
We use @contact vs @mention because @mention sometimes also references tweets that have a @username elsewhere in the tweet (other than the beginning). The nomenclature here isn't perfect, but for us, a "mention" doesn't really refer to a direct engagement with someone, so we created a term that means an active and direct engagement with a user (the @contact).

I'm not seeing stats for some of my linked Twitter accounts. Are there specific requirements for a Twitter account to display these?

Great question!
If you're a free user and have less than 2,250 followers, Followerwonk won't pull this extra data into the app. If you're a free user and have more than 2,250 followers, it will.

What are the reporting limits?

Limits vary by subscription plan. Currently, we limit reports on social graphs to, at most, 1,000,000, due to the API usage limits imposed by Twitter and the resources needed to process such large graphs. For any amount less than 1 million, we will be able to provide a random sample of up to 100,000 users and export a report for up to 50,000 items in this sample set.