Track Followers

Track your gains and losses on Twitter with Followerwonk!

Want to track your precise gains and losses of followers (or maybe take a peek at a competitor's new and lost followers)? Well, you've come to the right place! See who thinks you're the cherry on the top of Twitter and those who are trying to break your heart by unfollowing you.
To get started you have to look at your followers or the users you follow. These reports can be run for different time periods — between 1 and 60 days. One quick note is that, unfortunately, we can't pull historical data on the account connected to Followerwonk, so you can only see your gains and losses for the amount of time you've been tracking the Twitter account using Followerwonk. Add a competitor so you can toggle between your account and theirs and keep track of their new and lost followers as well.

The first thing you will spy is this cool graph of daily followers. You can click on any point of the graph to see the accounts that followed (green) or unfollowed (red) you that day. The graph can be sorted with widgets. This way you can visualize your follower counts in the most convenient and helpful way possible.

Below the graph, you can look at the raw numbers as well as the total gains and losses by clicking the “View New” and “View Lost” links below each category. At the bottom of the page there are a few more graphs. The first one is another visualization of lost/new followers. The pie chart is a good way to see how many days you've gained, lost, or had no changes in followers.