Want to check out your follower activity or see what your most engaging tweets are like? Head on over to the Analyze tab of Followerwonk!

Analyze tweets

Analyzing tweets is easy. Just type in the Twitter handle you want to analyze, make sure to select “analyze their tweets” from the drop-down menu and click on the “Do it” button.

When the results load, you’ll see the analysis of the last 2,000 activities on the account's timeline. The data will be broken down into 3 categories:
  • Most mentioned users
  • Most mentioned domains
  • Most important tweets
Most mentioned users is pretty much what it sounds like — a list of the Twitter accounts mentioned most by the account being analyzed. There are a couple neat features here though. Click on the mentioned Twitter account to analyze their tweets directly, or the “See engagement” link to get a color map of activity for the last few months. You’ll get a preview of some of the interactions as well.

Most mentioned domains is a list of —you guessed it — the domains mentioned the most in the analyzed account's tweets. Click on the domain to be taken to that page or click on the “See mentions” link to get a color mapped analysis of the mentions, along with some examples.

Most important tweets is a list of account tweets that have the highest number of retweets (RT's) and favorites over the last few months.

Analyze users the account follows or users who follow that account

Analyze any account's followers/followed users to see a gold mine of data. You can look at metrics on influence, gender, location, languages, and much, much more.
Let's get the ball rolling!
Type in the Twitter account you want to analyze and choose whether you would like to look at that account's followers or users that account follows. The first thing you will see is a map of the world; yup, the entire world. This map is interactive and can show you the geotagged locations of the accounts followers/followed. If you analyzed your own account's followers, this is a great way to get a grasp on where your audience is hailing from.
After you track down your followers, you can check out a bounty of other metrics. The next chart will show you the most active hours for the users the analyzed account follows or that follow that account, depending on what you chose in the beginning. Have a Buffer account? Link it to Followerwonk to optimize your tweet schedule! Use this chart and the next one to find the best time to tweet so your audience will hear you!

Next, take a look at the most active hours for the account being analyzed. Compare this chart to the most active times for the followers/the people the account follows to see when the best time to tweet for maximum impact will be, then use your Buffer account to schedule some tweets automatically for those sweet spots!

The word cloud below these charts is a visualization of the most frequently used words in bios. The larger the word, the more frequently it’s used. Here you’ll see a one and two-word cloud, along with a location word cloud. Just another cool way to visualize the account's followers/followed activity!

Finally, you’ll see a bunch of interactive pie charts which show you everything from Social Authority to account languages. Each section of this delicious data pie can give you insight into what accounts exist in each range. Just click on the section you want to look at, and you will get a comprehensive report of the followers in that data set, which you can then export for your own purposes.